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By taking the wisdom of our ancestors, we learn to use intuition as the ultimate guide. Traditions of honoring and respecting our food in combination with working-in movement are essential elements.

Magic Happens when Passion Collides with Creativity

Mindy Lee in partnership with Melissa Hwang built Evolve Energy Tribe. A health-centered community of growth-minded souls. Evolve houses a variety of lifestyle, hormonal, nutritional, and functional movement programs. These programs are for ANYONE seeking a new way to optimize or reclaim health and vitality.

We believe in supporting the WHOLE person inclusive of the emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of self. This is reflected in our TOTEM. All of the portions of the Totem are interconnected and need to be addressed for a successful health journey.

We also believe each person has unique gifts and can contribute to the wellness of the community. We have a unique blend of contributors which enhance the overall experience and growth of the group. This spirit flows through Evolve’s virtual community, “The Wisdom Portal”. This where the Tribe moves together in weekly workouts, communicates and lifts each other up to reach each other’s full potential, and learns new concepts and health education.

Mindy Lee

Mindy is an Integrative Practitioner with a solid track record over the last 17 years with getting hundreds of client’s dramatic results. Her specialty is hormonal balance, gut health, and deep healing of mind and body, particularly clients with past trauma. She has guided clients to heal themselves from terminal cancer, Hashimoto’s, PCOS, and infertility, insulin resistance, diabetes, and chronic migraines.

Because of her own infertility at 26, and severe health issues early in life. Mindy began an intense study in alternative medicines and now is a mom to 3 healthy boys, a trainer specializing in functional movement, and a world-class practitioner, healer, and educator. She has dedicated her life to the study and practice of wellness.

Melissa Hwang

Melissa comes to Evolve Energy Tribe with more than 15 years of experience working with food, lifestyle and fitness brands to develop and grow brand awareness, online communities and stories. She is a digital marketing leader with extensive experience in developing and driving integrated and innovative marketing campaigns.

Having personally experienced the life changing programs developed by Mindy, Melissa knew that more people needed to have access to this valuable information and knowledge. This combined with her love for movement and passion for creating brands that enhance people’s lives, Melissa informed Mindy that “we must share this with the world, more people need to be able to feel this good.”

Our Most Popular Programs

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