Join Our Tribe, Change Your Life.

“I have learned to love food, and how to find a lifestyle protocol that feeds my mind, my body, and my sanity – my whole family, really.

I started this journey eight years ago, and Mindy still guides me through my journey to ensure I am always the healthiest and happiest version of


- Amna C.

"The darkness has definitely lifted thanks to the tribe and community.

The amount of times I’ve been low and not sure what I was feeling or if anyone would get it, the girls would have posted encouraging words and up lifted each other."

- Cathy M.

"I’m 55 years old, but I feel so young!

Of course there is menopause at this age, but I have learned how to handle my food, my supplementation, my workouts and my meditation!"

- Paris M.

"My blood work has been amazing since making the lifestyle changes recommended.

Now I’m making improvements not only for myself, but for my family and my tribe of friends and extended family"

- Ally P.

“Changing food intake choices was not easy, but nothing that yields freedom and beauty is.

Caring for my body with whole/living/clean nutrition makes me feel powerful and mindful in a way that enhances my daily work out regimen and ultimately gives me freedom."

- Lisa A.

"Dylan’s physician says he is one of her healthiest patients!

I am so intrigued with this knowledge of healing the body and mind, naturally."

- Dylan M

Nothing feels better than finally achieving a body you feel good in.

One that is strong, without pain, that can move you in anyway you desire. The only limitation is your mind. Believe in your body and it can do amazing things. Lets begin.


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