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Divine Energy Balance

November 10, 20231 min read

When we learn to embrace the beautiful energy of the divine feminine, and allow all that embodies this energy to be recognized, loved, nurtured, valued, and respected - powerful things start to happen.

Reconnecting with your divine feminine

This is such an important component of one’s general health which is often overlooked and not acknowledged.

If you live your life out of balance, perhaps embodied by an imbalance of masculine energy over your female energy, then things like adrenal fatigue and thyroid dysfunction will prevail, resulting in feeling burnt out, unmotivated, fatigued and more.

Join us this month as we learn the difference between our light and dark feminine energies (both very good and healthy and longing to be recognized). Discover the unique differences between your dark feminine energy and the shadow side of your feminine.

All these distinct energies are vital aspects of the whole, never bad or good, instead tools and parts of the whole. Your intentions and how you use them is the key element to harmony and energy balance. It’s a beautiful dance when recognized and embraced.

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