Myth or Truth: All About Cardio

We make it much harder than it needs to be to lose weight. You just need the correct information and an open mind.

Myth: “I just need to do more cardio.”
Truth: Cardio burns energy while its done, but studies show its ineffective for lasting fat loss due to its lack of post exercise burn.

Myth: “I will add more time on my runs.”
Truth: Endurance activities cause cortisol to be elevated for longer, which catabolizes muscles and depletes testosterone, leading to weight loss resistance.

Myth: “I’m consistent. I do the spin bike every morning.”
Truth: You lose body fat and improve fitness based on exercise variation. The body is highly adaptable and doing the same exercise will be ineffective for a fat loss overtime.

Myth: “Marathons will give me a great body.”
Truth: Endurance based cardio alone will leave your body AGED, based off of the elevated inflammation and hormone depletion. It will also give you a flat ass and pudgy midsection.

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