Why Should I Detox?

The concept of detoxification, or “detox,” is often discussed in the context of health and wellness. While there are a lot of detox programs available on the market, it’s important to select a program that is tested and safe to do.

In our modern, post-industrial, radiated, metal-laden, polluted, glyphosate-sprayed, GMO-concentrated era, everyone needs to detox and clean the system.

We are inundated with “cellular toxicity”, plastics, phytoestrogens, metals, pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides and all manner of other chemicals that can overwhelm our liver, kidneys and built-in detoxification system.

No matter how well you eat or workout, you cannot protect your body completely. Whether it’s from brake dust on car roads, or mercury from electronic equipment, or herbicides on the apples at our friend’s house, or estrogens in the shampoo at the hotel, or mold on the carpeting at the gym, toxins from air pollutants, or airport recirculated nastiness:  our bodies are overloaded. 

Chronic exposure to this onslaught of chemical and physical stressors will compound and at some point begin to overflow.  Then things like cellular inflammation gets triggered; that’s when symptoms arise, that’s when disease manifests, that’s when healthy people all of a sudden break out with something like cancer, or fibromyalgia, or thyroid conditions, or chronic pain, or any other numbers of inflammation driven diseases.

Here are some reasons why you may want to do a detox:

  • Removal of toxins: Detoxification is a way to rid the body of toxins accumulated from various sources such as food, air, water, and environmental pollutants. While the body does have its own mechanisms for eliminating toxins (e.g., liver, kidneys), doing a safe detox program will help eliminate more of these toxins.
  • Improved health and energy: A proper detox program will improve your energy levels, clear up your skin, improve digestion, and lead to overall better health. By eliminating toxins and “resetting” the body, you can feel rejuvenated and revitalized.
  • Weight loss: By ridding your body of toxins, and flooding it with nutrients from the cleanse part of the program, your body will reset and re-learn how to efficiently burn excess fat.
  • Mental clarity and emotional well-being: Detoxing can give you more mental clarity, improved focus, and enhanced emotional well-being. By eliminating substances that may affect brain function or mood, you may experience a sense of clarity and balance.

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