What to Look for in Your Supplements

Ever wonder if the supplements you are taking are actually worth the money you’re spending on them?  

Did you know that 92% of the US population has multiple vitamin deficiencies?

Quality Supplements have high bioavailability, making it easily absorbable by the body. 

The body is naturally intelligent and will keep only what it needs.  Nourish and provide enough and let it decide what to do with it… much better than being deficient and not providing protection for disease or illness.  

How do you know they are quality and you’re not just peeing them out.   To continue our monthly theme #WHATSUPP, we have some answers for you!

What to look for

  • Search for the highest purity – how was the supplement produced? Is it free of toxins and fillers?  (Example: fish oil that has not been extracted properly (or stored and shipped properly) can be highly inflammatory due to rancidity.  Quality fish oil that has been tested for purity is highly ANTI-inflammatory.
  • Identifiable sourcing – this includes identifying which part of the plant or herb is being used (example: the herb Rhodiola, which part of the plant did they use -the root, the stem, the leaves, the flower- this makes a huge difference in the efficacy of the supplement) This also includes the location or type of animal (example: whey protein source from grass fed New Zealand cows) 
  • Enhanced bio availability – can the supplement withstand the gastric environment in your stomach.
  • Is it paired with its cofactors to enable the supplement to get to its destination
  • Is it in the form that allows for the maximum absorption? 
  • Supplements often require cofactors, such as vitamin K and vitamin D for maximum benefit 
  • Medical grade concentration – you must look at how much of each nutrient or vitamin is in each dose (how is it measured: grams, milligrams?  How many pills do you need to take to get the same benefit)
  • Practitioner-only or prescription supplements often are far more concentrated than over-the-counter options
  • No toxins or fillers and needs a COA (certificate of authenticity)

Our co-founder, Mindy, is a practitioner for Xymogen and NuEthix. Both companies hold the high standards of integrity, purity and honesty while encapsulating the bullet points mentioned above, 

Some other great companies are Thorne, Designs for Health, Cellcore, and Quicksilver.

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