Supplements for Athletes

1. Creatine: allows the body to make more energy (better endurance for longer and more intensive training)

2. Quality protein powder: helps build lean muscle, it is predigested for quick absorption, helps increase daily protein intake

3. Amino acids: building blocks of protein (muscle growth, repair, maintenance, and support) -used in our fat burning window to preserve muscles 

4. Electrolytes: necessary for cellular hydration, muscle contraction, and blood pressure (lack of electrolytes increase fatigue and decrease performance)

5. Curcumin: can reduce muscle fatigue and soreness after exercise (natures Tylenol)

Supplements we recommend 

1. NuFlame by NuEthix -combo or curcumin and boswella extract 

2. ISO-Pure by NuEthix – grass fed clean whey protein (yummy flavors)

3. Electrolytes – Celtic or Redmond sea salt 

4. Amino acids – XymoBolX by Xymogen 

5. Creatine – anything with the form creapure is a great choice

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